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Lamella Clarifiers NK-CL

Lamella Clarifiers NK-CL

The NK-CL series clarifiers from TH Minerals provide optimum performances for clarifications and sludge in a single machine. The inclined plate lamella clarifiers offer larger decantation surfaces for a determined shell diameter and, in comparison with conventional clarifiers, they increase the treatment capacity. The conical bottom of the NK-CL clarifiers simplifies sludge removal and ensures a high percentage of solids in the output. Lamellar technology from TH Minerals reduces space needed, which facilitates installation in industries with little space.


  • High performance thanks to lamellar technology 
  • Appropriate for a wide range of applications 
  • Reduced need for space 
  • Proven design 
  • Low operation and maintenance costs 
  • Construction available in welded steel or bolted steel plates 
  • Available in fixed or mobile 
  • Fully automatic. PLC control 
  • Scraper and bridge Includes support structure 

Additionally, we offer the following options and auxiliary equipment:

  • Unclogging system 
  • Scraper lift system 
  • Decantation velocity device - DVD 
  • TH Minerals piston membrane pump 
  • Polymer preparation equipment - EPS 
  • TH Minerals filter press